Benchmark européen des approches nationales de lutte contre le Gaspillage Alimentaire

Sous l'impulsion d'ECR Community et du groupe de travail "Shrink & OSA", ECR France a contribué à l'article produit par le ESM Magazine (équivalent européen de LSA). Voici un extrait de l'article : 

"(...)The study, which took into account 17,093 item-store combinations from 27 selected stores across Europe, found that while many retailers consider waste to be a fact of life, a number of small measures that have a sizeable impact on reducing waste can be implemented. Three of these, for example, are: increase a product’s shelf life by one day; unpack items in the distribution centre and ship smaller quantities to stores; differentiate target OSA levels for slow-moving items and fast-moving items. (...)  The improvement potential differs per retailer. However, for each retailer, ‘large benefits can be achieved from these improvement options.

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According to the group, the more efforts concentrated upstream, in areas such as product design, packaging, case sizes and forecasting accuracy, the more successful food-waste initiatives will be. The ECR Community Shrink and OSA Group has developed what it calls the ‘Sell More, Waste Less’ initiative, which seeks to quantify waste and on-shelf availability as a function of key product and demand characteristics (like shelf life, case pack size and average daily demand). Using the Excelbased tool, retailers are able to quantify and prioritise improvement projects to reduce waste, as well as benchmark stores in their portfolio to identify best-in-class behaviour."

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